120 Great Ideas for Essay Topics

The hardest part of writing an essay is choosing the appropriate topic. However, there are very many fields from where you can find some good topics. The secret is in choosing something that you are passionate about and capitalize on it. The type of essay you will write will depend on your audience and your goals for writing. Some of the significant essays are persuasive essays, expository essays, descriptive essays, and narrative essays. Here are some excellent topics provided by USessaywriters.com service that you can benefit from in various fields.


  1. Essay on Sports and Games
  2. Essay on Mountain Climbing
  3. Essay on Adventure
  4. Essay on Hockey
  5. Essay on Football
  6. Cricket Essay
  7. Essay on Sports
  8. Essay on Badminton
  9. Essay on Badminton
  10. Essay on Basketball


  1. Essay on Forest
  2. Summer Season Essay
  3. Seasons In India Essay
  4. Winter Season Essay
  5. Essay on Rainy Season
  6. Essay on Spring Season
  7. Essay on Nature
  8. Marijuana Essay
  9. Water is Precious Essay
  10. Essay on Effects of Deforestation


  1. A Hot Summer Day Essay
  2. Essay on Winter Vacation
  3. Essay on Summer Camp
  4. Essay on Vacation
  5. Essay on Holidays
  6. Essay on My Plans for Summer Vacation
  7. How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay
  8. Essay on Summer Vacation
  9. An Unusual Summer Vacation Essay
  10. The Joys of Summer Essay


  1. Children’s Day Essay
  2. Children’s Day Speech
  3. Independence Day Function Celebration 
  4. Importance of Independence Day in India Essay
  5. Independence Day Essay
  6. Republic Day Celebrations Essay
  7. Essay on Teachers’ Day Celebration
  8. Mathematics Day Essay
  9. Teachers Day Essay
  10. Mother’s Day Essay


  1. Martin Luther King Jr Essay
  2. Frederick Douglass Essay
  3. Julius Caesar Essay
  4. Bill Clinton Impeachment Essay
  5. Donald Trump Essay
  6. Essay on William Shakespeare
  7. Macbeth Tragic Hero Essay
  8. Alexander the Great Essay
  9. Martin Luther King Essay
  10. Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar essay

Fitness and Health

  1. Physical Education Essay
  2. 12 Angry Men Essay
  3. Define Argumentative Essay
  4. Nipah Virus Essay
  5. Food Security in India Essay
  6. Alzheimer’s Disease Essay
  7. Benefits of Exercise Essay
  8. Medicinal Marijuana Essay
  9. War on Drugs Essay

Journeys, Sights, and Scenes

  1. Hiking Essay
  2. A Walk in A Moonlit Night Essay
  3. A Walk by the Countryside Essay
  4. An Hour at the Railway Platform Essay
  5. A Journey by Train in Winter Essay
  6. A Disappointing Journey Essay
  7. An Indian Temple Essay
  8. Waiting for a Bus Essay
  9. The Nicest Place I have Seen essay


  1. Visiting The Taj Mahal Essay
  2. The Visit to Hill Station Essay
  3. The Visit to the Village Essay
  4. The Visit to a Circus Essay
  5. A Visit to the Hospital Essay
  6. Essay a Visit to an Exhibition
  7. The Visit to the Museum Essay
  8. The Visit to a Cinema Show Essay


  1. Essay on Grandmother
  2. Mother Tongue Essay
  3. My Mother Essay
  4. Essay on Importance of Family
  5. Essay on I Love My Family
  6. Romeo and Juliet Essay
  7. Father’s Day Essay
  8. My Family Essay
  9. My Sister Essay


  1. My Aim in Life Essay
  2. My Aunt Won the Lottery Essay
  3. Essay on About Myself
  4. Self Confidence Essay
  5. Self-Concept Essay
  6. The Lottery Essay
  7. Marriage Essay
  8. Career Goals Essay
  9. Beauty Definition Essay


  1. Essay On My Ambition In Life 
  2. Essay On an Ideal Teacher
  3. Essay on Responsibilities of A Good Citizen
  4. Electoral Reforms in India Essay
  5. Essay on A Street Hawker
  6. Essay on Indian Farmer
  7. Essay On An Indian Juggler
  8. The Street Beggar Essay
  9. Essay On Policeman

Celebrations, Functions, and Festivals

  1. Janmashtami Essay
  2. Holi Essay
  3. Deepawali Essay
  4. Durga Puja Essay
  5. Ganesh Chaturthi Essay
  6. Festivals of India Essay
  7. Essay on Christmas
  8. Makar Sankranti Essay
  9. Onam Festival

Examination and school surrounding

  1. My School Essay
  2. A Farewell Party Essay
  3. Students’ Unrest Essay
  4. My Life in School Essay
  5. My Experience in the Examination Hall Essay
  6. Examination Fever Essay
  7. Prize Distribution Function in My School Essay
  8. Copying in the Examination Essay